BLUE ATHENA is neither an employment agency or a portal, but an independent project of web-design, offering a free promotion service for fashion models over the web. This service is to be understood as it is.
May enroll only persons of age above 18 or 21.
The following form is a free agreement and does not constitute any contract.

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Registration allows you to have a profile visible only to members. The activation of the profile would be effected by your control panel in the community for the profiles of model, actress and performer.
Public profile means a sub-site consisting of four sections: information and photo gallery. The structure will be www.blueathena.com/yoursite.
The space of the sub-site and the community should be used only to promote your image in photography or media (cinema and television) in the case of other kind of promotion or may the sub-site be used for purposed other than those mentioned, your space will be deleted without notice.
Members who register as an agency or production must include in the community profile links to their websites.
The service will be terminated without notice if the material turns out to be counterfeit, and your space will be canceled.
The duration of the service is unlimited, and may be discontinued at any time by the member directly from your control or via e-mail.

All messages are subject to an automatic control system to prevent abuse of the words in the service.
Members and visitors agree not to send messages and material containing slander, insults to other members and non members, spam, unauthorized advertising, links to illegal sites or sites that contain a virus or malware that may damage the site and its members.
The system also provides the registration of IP in the messages of public profiles and part of the community.
In case of offense, the system will block the message, and in case of continuation the profile shall be removed from the site.

Sending pictures is allowed only if you have permission to publish or if you hold the copyright: This site gives permission for publication. The removal of images from the site is made possible by e-mail, mentioning the photos in your public profile, and through the control panel for those in the community.
You should send professional photographs of medium and high quality with a minimum size of 400 X 700 pixels. They cannot be taken with the mobile-phone, and should not bear written mentions, except for that of any copyright.
The photographs with the copyright notice must state the name of the owner (photographer or agency). In the case of a claim of copyright or non-authorization, if confirmed, the photograph will be removed without notice.
Submitted images must have content suitable to the nature of the site and respect the rules of the community, on the contrary, we will proceed with the cancellation of the image, and in case of continued abuse, from the cancellation we can proceed with a formal block.

According to Article 7 of Italian Law, dated June 30, 2003, No. 196, regarding the processing of personal data is communicated:
- The data provided will be used exclusively for the publication of the profile on this site;
- You are entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence of data concerning yourself and their removal;
- You can require the updating, rectification or, if you have some, the integration of data processed;
- The cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed.

According to article 13 of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, No. 196, regarding the processing of personal data is communicated:
- Failure to complete the mandatory data makes it impossible to obtain the release of the profile on this site;
- Recipient of the data reported is the site Blue Athena.

By the registration process, the here underwritten agrees to send data of a real and not fictitious identity.
The here underwritten and visitors are responsible for their messages in community or public profiles.
Blue Athena is not responsible for content on sites reached by links to the users.
You agree to free and exclude site managers Blue Athena from any claims for compensation by the use or misuse by other subscribers or third parties not authorized to send messages, publish photos and to change their login information or personal space.
Blue Athena is not responsible for any failure or external attack, and reserves the right to stop the service for maintenance or updating.
Blue Athena reserves the right to change or amend the Regulation in accordance with local regulations and to notify users when changes in the service.

After filling out the form, please send it. You will receive to the email address you have provided, an e-mail confirmation, in which there is a link with the activation code. Please click it to confirm your subscription. Due to the link in the email, please check your spam folder.
Blue Athena reserves the right to refuse registration, to select and possibly not to publish the photographs received.

Any notices may be sent via email: blueathenacon@yahoo.com.au.

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